Music technology

Posted: September 23, 2017

Students in grade 7 have just completed a unit composing music electronically on Chromebooks using the music program Soundtrap. Soundtrap allows students to collaborate on musical compositions, save musical projects in the cloud, and compose with loops. In the next unit students will learn about music theory using 

Welcome Letter

Posted: September 7, 2017

Dear HMS Students and Families:
Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. This letter outlines expectations for the year as
we learn in music. Please review the expectations with your family, sign this letter, and return
the signed letter to music by September 12, 2017 for the first grade in music.
General music classroom behavior expectations guidelines are:
1. Show HUSKY PRIDE (Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Drive, Motivation, Empathy)
2. Abide by all HMS expectations
3. Abide by all CPS guidelines
Consequences for not adhering to above guidelines are:
1. Verbal reminder
2. Behavior reflection or brief conference
3. Phone call or parent conference
Additional consequences may include:
TAB (Take a Break), Loss of privilege, behavior contract, contact with SEL team.
The goal is to reward and acknowledge all positive behavior and academic work.
Rewards for positive behavior and academic work may include:
Husky tickets, positive phone call home, positive postcard sent home, class assignment
Grading policy:
Music grades are based on playing instruments/ using technology in class (45%),
completing written assignments about music theory and music history in class (40%), and tests,
quizzes, and the end of unit performance assessment (15%). Assignments are graded according
to rubrics which will be shared in class. When a student is in class and chooses not to complete
an assignment, the assignment will be marked as missing. Missing assignments may be
turned in within 3 days for partial credit. Each day the assignment is late one letter grade will
be deducted. After 3 days, missing assignments will not be accepted for credit. An extra credit
assignment will be available the final week of the rotation.
Supply List:
All students will need notebook paper and a pen or pencil in class, every day.
Assignments will be stored in class in a music folder which is provided. Donations of school
supplies are appreciated, and students who donate supplies will receive husky tickets. Items
that are especially useful include: liquid hand soap, paper towels, spray cleaners (windex),
handi wipes, and tissues.
The music curriculum will provide a broad base of hands on and theoretical experiences
including: playing instruments including the guitar, ukulele, and percussion. Students will also
compose music, analyze music, and learn to read music although specific projects may vary
from rotation to rotation. Upon completion of the rotation students will become familiar with a
variety of music materials and processes, developing a vocabulary of music terms.
Please sign the form below and return to 328. Contact me at HMS with any questions.
Thank you!
Ms. Farrand, music teacher
Student name/ homeroom: ______________________________________________
Parent/ guardian Name: ______________________________________________________
Parent/ guardian phone number:________________________________________
Student signature: ______________________________________________________
Parent signature: ____________________________________

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