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Posted: January 10, 2018

Currently in math class, we are working on the Proportional Relationships Unit.  This includes studying "constant of proportionality", graphing relationships, creating rate tables, percents, and percent change.  We have much to learn!!!  Please ask your student what we are currently working on.  Deep understanding occurs when you are required to explain a concept to another person....   Your questions will help your student!

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Friday HW

Posted: January 12, 2018

Bring in an old cell phone or phone bill.  It is OK to cross of any personal identifying information!!  If bill needed, teacher will make a photocopy and return the bill the same day.  We need this for a future activity!!!

Finish GoMath p, 122 #14 (for a classwork grade)

Finish GoMath p. 120 #2-7 on looseleaf.

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